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Chabad House Shenzhen, China - Luohu Branch

Gongdian Nanyuan, Apartment building 1, 2F, Bao'an south st., Luohu district, Shenzhen, China
Phone: +86(0)75525932545
Mobile: +86-13570806048

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Chabad House Shenzhen Luohu Branch
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Chabad of Hong Kong

בית חב"ד בהונג קונג - Chabad of Hong Kong

האתר של בית חב"ד בהונג קונג

7-9 Macdonnell Road

Hoover Court 1st Floor

Hong Kong, China





אודות חב"ד הונג קונג

Chabad of Hong Kong traces its roots back to 1987 when Rabbi Mordechai and Goldie Avtzon were sent to Hong Kong.  Their goal was to service the needs of the Jews in Hong Kong and Asia.

Energised with a "can do" spirit, Chabad of Hong Kong quickly introduced many programs and services that were uncommon in this part of the world.  Within a few year daily minyanim, Kashrut services, a preschool which grew into a day schoool and innovative holiday programming were the norm for the Jewish community of Hong Kong.  Chabad is proud to be a driving force behind the development of this vibrant city into a dynamic center for Jews in Asia.

Chabad of Kowloon was established in the 2005 upon the request of many travellers to Kowloon.

Chabad programs today include a daily minyanim, adult and children's education, holiday programming, hospitality for overseas visitors, and personal counselling. 

Within a year of its establishment, Chabad of Hong Kong began receiving requests for assistance from communities throughout Asia.  L.I.F.E. - Lubavitch in the Far East was established to meet these needs.  Initially itinerant rabbis and supplies were sent to Asian communities for holidays and other occasions.  As the need grew, permanent rabbis were dispatched to take on full time positions.  Today,  L.I.F.E. boasts Chabad Houses over 20 Chabad Houses in 8 Asian countries.  Wherever there is Jewish need, Chabad is there to service it.

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Mobile: +86-13570806048

Cell WhatsApp : +86-18617000652