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Chabad House Shenzhen, China - Luohu Branch

Gongdian Nanyuan, Apartment building 1, 2F, Bao'an south st., Luohu district, Shenzhen, China
Phone: +86(0)75525932545
Mobile: +86-13570806048

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Chabad House Shenzhen Luohu Branch
Welcome to Shenzhen Jewish Center - Luohu Branch
Bringing Jews in the "Far" East Closer
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Chabad of Guangzhou

בית חב"ד גוואנסו - גאוונגז`ואו - Chabad of Guangzhou 

chabad guangzhou
חב"ד גואנגזו
בית חב"ד גואנזו
בהנהלת הרב אלי רוזנברג
The Jewish Community - Chabad ,Guangzhou
31 He ping Lu, overseas village
Guangzhou, China.
טל.: 86-20-8376-7070.
טל. נוסף: 86-13710505049
אתר אינטרנט:

בית חב"ד ממוקם ליד מלון הולידיי אין
31 He ping Lu, overseas village

מתקיימות בבית חב"ד שלוש תפילות ביום, ארוחת בוקר וארוחת ערב כשרה, ותפגשו שם הרבה מאד ישראלים המתגוררים בעיר או נמצאים שם לרגל עסקיהם. השבתות שם נפלאות כמובן, ותמיד תמצאו שם תשובה לכל שאלה שתרצו בענייני סין, קניות או בכל נושא אחר מאנשי הקהילה החמים ומסבירי הפנים.

באתר הקהילה תמצאו את כתובת המקום ושירטוט כיצד להגיע. מומלץ בחום לכל מי שמגיע לאזור, גם או במיוחד אם אינכם דתיים, ורק רוצים להריח הרבה ישראליות. 


Foshan Chabad House

A real Jewish home at the heart of the industrial center of china.
Join us for a diverse unforgatable experiance.

The city of Foshan is very close to the city of Guangzhou and is even connected by subway.

For those coming to Canton Fair, there are round trip shuttles from the hotels directly to the exhibition.
The exhibition is about an hour's drive from Foshan, similar to the travel time from downtown Guangzhou.

The Foshan Chabad House is located in the heart of the city of Foshan in the area of Lingnan Tiandi.
There are several hotels, malls and parks nearby.

Chabad Foshan serves one of the most intimate Jewish communities in China, and is certainly one of the most diverse Chabad Houses. 

Address: 佛山市禅城区兆祥路6号P1铺二层
Contact: Rabbi Gadi Louzon
Phone No.: +86-13922173770


Chabad of Guangzhou is proud to announce that B"H there will be a Synagogue and Glatt Kosher Chef Restaurant at the exhibition area at the Westin Pazhou Hote
We have come to an agreement with the Westin Pazhou Hotel which is the only hotel in the exhibition area.

new! shabbat at the Westin on all three parts of the fair

once again, you will not have to travel by cab, wait on line or waste time from work.
There will be a synagogue with a Minyan and an exclusive Glatt Kosher Restaurant.
The Westin Pazhou Hotel is the newest,
recently opened hotel in Guangzhou rated 5 star deluxe!

The hotel has agreed to give a special rate for Chabad friends who wish to reserve a room.
For the success of this new complex of synagogue and restaurant it is important that you attend and notify your friends!

For reservations contact:
Mrs. Michelle
Tel: +8613411151625

Chabad of Guangzhou will once again be organizing Daily Minyanim and Meal Services during the upcoming Canton Fair.


Restaurant Hours
Breakfast 7:30 – 9:30 
Sandwiches and lunch boxes will be available at breakfast

Dinner 18:30– 22:00
Exclusive Buffet
Weekday meals - there is no need to make any reservation

Tefillah Schedule

Shacharit – 7:00 7:30 8:00 
Followed by breakfast

Mincha at the Fair: 1:00
New Exhibition Building A: between 4 and 5 main floor

Mincha in the Chabad Center 18:30

Maariv - 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 followed by Dinner at the chabad house.


Shabbat with Chabad - An unforgettable experience
Minyanim, Torha lesson and three rich meals

Reservation for shabbat meals are made at the chabad house or by E-mail by Credit Card . 
all year shabat meals are free, and at the time of the canton fair we charge 120$ for a full shabbat

Shabbat and Holiday meal reservation must be confirmed by Thursday night the latest to ensure your place.

click here For more information about the canton fair

For hotel information, booking and special prices, please contact - 00-86-134-11151625.

Most hotels in this area have shuttles to the fair and back all day

Car shuttle service from HK to Guangzhou or Guangzhou
to HK airport to the hotel & hotel to the airport
Please contact Mrs. JO JO +8615011799977

For more information please call 00-86-137-10505049


The Chabad House is located in the center of the citynear the following popular hotels:

Chabad of Guangzhou is a branch of the growing network of Chabad of China.

About chabad of guangzhou  Chabad of Guangzhou services the needs of local community and overseas visitors to this bustling city.
About chabad lubavitch  Considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today, Chabad-Lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization.
About chabad of china  There are now seven active Chabad Houses in China. Click here for a full list.
About the rebbe  A Great Man. A Great Sage. A Great Teacher. For all people, in all paths.

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Mobile: +86-13570806048

Cell WhatsApp : +86-18617000652